Welcome to the Do it Yourselves vacation planning.

I had tried out vacation packages in my early days as I thought that will take the stress out of planning and scheduling and also those seemed to come cheaper than doing it by myself.

Now, I realize that packages are not enjoyed by everyone (me for sure).

They have a planned itinerary and place to stay and they take you to places where they have tie-ups. There will be a lot of cool places you will miss as those not covered by them or you figure that out after reaching your destination.

Once I realized this I started planning my trips and have never regretted. Cost can also be optimized if we plan well and early.

If you are still here, then you most likely share my views and are in the process of planning a trip. Note that this site is not selling any packages. Just sharing my experience on how I did my trips.

I live in India (Hyderabad) and have traveled to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Italy, and the United States.

I am starting with my recent trips to Italy and Thailand. Will update the rest soon.

I suggest that you start at the page for the country you are planning to visit, read up the information about the Visa needed and understand the places to visit.

Once you know the places to visit, then find out where to stay in those places. This will enable you to book the hotel or apartment accommodation.

Read about the internal transportation, what you need to book in advance and then places to see in each city/area.

There is information about food- what are the must-have dishes and which restaurants to go.



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