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Stay inside the islandvenicemapmarking

Staying outside of this island would mean that you will be a day tripper. You wont be able to enjoy the early mornings and late nights in venice, when it is supposed to be seen.

It can get very expensive to stay inside the island, so plan early.

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They give the best deals most of the time. is also good.

Districts of Venice

  • San marco
    • City Centre, Most expensive
  • Santa Croce
  • Castello
  • Cannaregio


Above is the images of Rialto water taxi station

You have to validate the ticket while entering. Using the sign boards on the entry you can determine which taxi to take to your destination

If you are using google maps, then it will tell you which taxi to take.

It’s funny using google maps while walking through the streets of Venice

There are times when the turns are confusing. So we have to slow down and let it stabilize.. due to the building on both the sides and lanes being narrow, it’s a challenge. That’s the fun of being in Venice.. walk without any navigation system.. you will explore new places…

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