Rome – Things to do

Visit Colosseum

This one is not to be missed. You have to book in advance to avoid queues.

There are multiple photo stops outside and inside which I will list.

Admire the ruins at Roman Forum

This is next to Colosseum, so once you finish Colosseum, get in here. If you are not so much of a history buff, then you may not like this so much. Still worth to see it, since you are in Rome anyways 🙂

Climb the Spanish Steps

That’s medium level of crowds. I have taken this shot from the Spanish steps.

Its best to go early morning or late evening to avoid crowds.

Throw a coin at Trevi Fountain

Walk from the Spanish steps towards Trevi fountain. Use google maps or you can keep asking people. Again a very crowded place, so you may want to go early morning.

Visit Vatican and the Museum

The streets will be crowded, so as always it is better to skip the line using an advance ticket.

Visit Pantheon

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