Visa needed for Italy

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Places to Visit in Italy

Start at Rome

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Go to Naples

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Come back to Florence

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Wind up in Venice



How to Book Accommodation in Italy?

Before we apply for Visa, we need to find and book the accommodation for the entire trip since the embassy would need to know your plans.

  1. Start looking at or AirBnb. 
  2. Good deals are found if you start the activity 3-4 months in advance. Airbnb is preferred if you are travelling with kids and plan to prepare some food by yourselves.
  3. Identify the area where you should stay at each place. Please read up the “where to stay” posts for each place in this blog.
  4. Dont just look for good deals and end up booking in far away places to save money. You will end up spending more money by traveling back and forth to attractions.

How to Travel inside Italy?

Between cities, use the Train. Italy is well connected with Train. Sometimes flight is cheaper too. For e.g, we got a great deal on easyjet from Naples to Venice.

Within a city, again local train or water taxi in Venice.

Food in Italy

Italy is known for their cuisine. Pizza, Pasta, lasagna, Risotto and Gelato are the must-have food items. You must eat Italian food while in Italy. Don’t try to search for your home food 🙂

It is said that best Pizza is served in Naples.

Venice has something called Cicchetti which is their snacks. Most of the bars and restaurants serve this. It is very tasty and inexpensive.

Check out this blog for detail description of best italian food.